Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do You Enjoy Writing?

For me, writing is a passion, and without it, I am without direction. I am constantly writing articles, short stories, and blog posts. It keeps my mind active and helps me to make a few extra dollars each month without seeking outside employment. It isn't much, but I hope that one day it will eventually ease my financial burdens. If you share the same interest, here are a few sites to look into:

1. Helium - This is, so far, my absolute favorite site to work for. It may seem a little complicated at first, but once you dive in, you will learn as you go. Anyone can write for Helium, but articles are rated and payment is decided on multiple factors. Articles and creative writing pieces are rated by your peers, which means that you, also, take part in the rating process. There is a small bonus if you rate more than 500 pieces in a 3 month period. The highest rated, most viewed articles earn the most ad revenue, plus there are bonuses available once you begin earning stars. The higher your articles are rated and the more articles you write on Helium affects how many stars you have. There is a very informative Help section that will explain exactly how Helium works. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

2. HubPages - This website is also great, and unlike Helium, you are always in control of the title and content. Monetizing HubPages works a lot like monetizing blogs, so you are in charge of setting up ads and affiliate settings. Setting up a Google Adsense account is your first step to effectively monetizing your HubPages. If you aren't sure how Google Adsense works, click here.

3. Blogger - If you found my blog, you probably know about Blogger. I like Blogger because it is simpler than WordPress and other blogging websites to monetize, because Google Adsense is built right in. If you aren't sure what to blog about, start with your passion. Is it a hobby, your family, a sport? Go from there. I have multiple blogs for various pieces of my life.

There are also several other sites that I have not had very much luck with. Associated Content is one of them, as is Freelancer. I really wouldn't suggest going the freelancer route because it pays far less than sites like Helium, there is a huge amount of competition for these jobs with interviews and resumes, AND most importantly, you do not get to keep the rights to your work.

If you are looking for other ways to make a few extra bucks online without and investment, here is another article that I wrote on the subject:
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Happy Writing!

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